Dedicated Probate and Estate Attorneys

Coping with the loss of a loved and knowing what to do can be difficult on its own. Paying their bills and distributing their property requires planning and sometimes court approval. You can count on Mann & Kemp PLLC to be there for you and help you through this process.

Learn About Probate Proceedings

When someone close to you passes and leaves behind a last will and testament, the circuit court is generally consulted to "prove" the will and ensure that it was executed validly. You can trust us to be there to assist you during each step of this process.

Trust Us for Estate Administration Services

Whether or not your loved one left a will behind, it may be necessary to ask the circuit court to intervene. Whether it's to distribute the property of the deceased or to pay their final debts, it's always good to have someone on your side during the process.

Find Out About Guardianships and Commitments

Guardianships are court-created relationships that are ordinarily between two people when one of them needs help making decisions. In addition, commitments may be available to help a struggling family member or friend whose behavior has become dangerous. We're here to answer your questions about these processes, so contact us for a consultation.
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"Harrison has represented me this past year and he is awesome. He has wonderful knowledge of not only the law, but also what is best for my situation. I am a single mother dealing with an extremely complicated, manipulative ex. It is obvious that Harrison has experience dealing with those types of people. Although my case continues to be in progress, I am confident that Harrison will make sure I come out on top and getting what me and my children deserve."
- Sarah
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