Specialized and dedicated counsel for water matters

Mann & Kemp PLLC handles water matters for a number of public agencies such as water utility companies, municipalities and counties. As a general or special counsel, we help assist the aforesaid agencies in obtaining additional water supplies. 

Obtaining water supplies can sometimes be difficult because of various issues that may complicate the process such as governmental and environmental claims. We help in assisting agencies within the legal bounds of the law which is based on the existing water rights. 

Our counsel have an extensive experience in representing private individuals on various water issues. Our firm has been involved in obtaining and defending water rights for agricultural as well as municipal and industrial purposes. 

Our services includes negotiations with local, state and federal agencies as well as legal representation for our clients in litigation before the State Water Resources Control Board. Contact us if you have further questions or to discuss in which way we can help you with water related issues.
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